It's ski season somewhere and the Cornhusker Ski Club (CSC) of Lincoln, NE invites you to join.

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Environment We Enjoy

Are you looking for fun, great camaraderie, beautiful scenery enjoyed with family and friends of all ages, along with challenging and relaxing (you choose!) vacation trip opportunities?

Come along with CSC! You'll enjoy economical, well organized, time-efficient trips to some of the most breathtaking mountain venues in North America! There is a trip for all budgets as well as for all skiing abilities (from 'never-evers' to double-diamond experts).

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All Types of Choices

We have members with varying abilities, and the mountains offer many choices of slopes. Our youngest skiers are in grade school and our oldest are retired, and many in between, but still active as members.


And CSC also sponsors a variety of activities and events in the off season as well: bike riding, wine tasting, trying restaurants, concert-going, to name a few of the options.

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Recent Top Recruiters

We had a number of new members join us, with a number of our members finding new members that also want to enjoy the awesome trips.  

The two long time members on the right recruited the most new members recently. Congrats to them and to all of us that get to meet people that enjoy our passion: skiing and/or snowboarding.